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How Parcel Direct Can Make International Parcel Delivery Simple

How Parcel Direct Can Make International Parcel Delivery Simple

By: Ashley Stevens 09 February 2021

Here at Parcel Direct we give small businesses access to cost-effective rates, for national and international parcel delivery. Through the use of advanced technology, customers are able to compare all carriers, clearly and easily, at their cheapest rates. There are four key factors in the delivery of international freight:

  • Efficiency – the need for delivery to be in a timely manner
  • Reliability – being able to count on the service provider
  • Cost-effectiveness – value for money
  • Security – for both the package and the customer

At Parcel Direct, we achieve the realisation of these key factors using:

  • Our portal – direct access to this system gives you access to rates, usually reserved for large businesses. Along with its ease of use, this makes the portal one of our best tools in serving you.
  • Advanced global technology systems – to track and deliver your parcels, we use the best technology possible, meaning you never lose sight of your goods.
  • Dedicated customer liaison – each customer has a dedicated member of staff to help them throughout the whole process. Each customer liaison is equipped with the knowledge to answer any queries promptly.
  • Our years of industry experience – knowing the ins and outs of the industry certainly does make things easier! Not only have we streamlined our own systems, but we have also built-up strong partnerships over the years with other industry leaders.

We handle everything, from collection, delivery, customs, clearance, and you have the ability to track it all the way through. At Parcel Direct we are able to collect parcels from anywhere – homes, garages, commercial addresses – we offer a full range of services for you to choose from based on your requirements. These services include same day delivery, next day delivery and international delivery. In addition to these services, we can pick, pack and despatch your goods from our state-of-the-art storage facilities.

Another one of our advantages is our geographical location. Our main storage and operations facility is located next to Heathrow Airport, just inside the M25. This makes it very convenient for international delivery, as well as storage.

It is easy to see why we at Parcel Direct, make parcel delivery so simple. From our use of advanced technology, years of industry experience and even physical location in the world, we have it all, and have the means to provide you with the best service possible.

For a quote or to find out more about our services please contact our team.