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How Can I Get My Fragile Goods Delivered Safely?

How Can I Get My Fragile Goods Delivered Safely?

By: Satpal Juttla 29 October 2020

Parcel Direct love deliveries, it’s what we do and its what we do bloody well. You know that your urgent or same-day delivery is going to reach its destination on time and in perfect condition. The problem comes when you have a fragile item. It doesn’t matter which courier you chose, there’s always going to be a bit of worry that creeps in.

We’re often asked about the delivery of fragile items, especially for those items in which an urgent courier is needed. With our extremely careful drivers, the risk is near to none, but some extra safety always helps. So here are a few tips from us to ensure same-day delivery of a fragile object ends up at its new home in one piece.

Invest in Proper Protective Packing

Bubble wrapping is the best way to ensure the safety of objects. Whatever you are sending on its way, get it bubble wrapped before it leaves with our delivery courier.

Wrap Separately

Most of the time, customers will wrap a whole pack of cups and crockery together. So even though the delivery was made with the utmost care by our same-day delivery drivers, cups clinking against saucers may lead to the delivery of chipped and cracked goods. It is best advised to wrap each item, or each item of a different category separately.

Add ‘Loose Fill Peanuts’ in the Packing

Adding ‘loose fill’ polystyrene beans, also known as ‘peanuts’ in the packing keeps your items intact while also absorbing a lot of bump damage. These could, however, develop static electricity and is recommended to not be used for electronic items.

Number the Parts

Don’t pack dismantlable items together, instead pack them separately and number them. If it takes more than one box to deliver them, then number the boxes. For example, for three boxes number them, 1 of 3, 2 of 3, and 3 of 3 to make sure your delivery is completed perfectly.

Mark Fragile

Always mark the boxes with ‘FRAGILE’ stickers. This makes sure that your delivery courier takes extra care of your package and loads and unloads it extra carefully by hand.

Mark Which Side is Up

Placing an object upside-down could mark the death of it. It is always advisable to mark which side is up on the box for your same-day delivery couriers to read.

For Cakes

Ugh dreaded cakes! While delivering cakes is one of the most difficult things to do, getting it done is always a treat! Literally. Using stiff icing and freezing the cake, makes sure that your cake cruises along perfectly and keeps fresh through the journey. Another way to make sure your delivery is safe is to use the above method and add upholstery foam and then packing in a sturdy box.

Getting a dedicated vehicle is the best way to ensure the safe delivery of fragile items. People trust their delicate cargo with Parcel Direct and there is a reason for it. It doesn’t matter how strong or how fragile your deliveries are, always pack carefully because you never know which object might not withstand the bumps and vibrations of the roads.

Get a quote for your delivery today or some advice for your fragile items!